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  1. Curate definition is - a member of the clergy in charge of a parish. How to use curate in a sentence.
  2. 私たちは「やってみたい」を形にするサークルです。 シナリオを書いてみたい、原画をやってみたい、キャラに声をあててみたい、プログラムを組んでみたい。 curareは、そんなあなたの 「やってみたい」を心待ちにしています。.
  3. Dec 11,  · Curare: A muscle relaxant used in anesthesia (and, in the past, in arrow poisons by South American Indians). Curare competes with acetylcholine, a chemical that carries information between nerve and muscle cells, and blocks transmission of the information.
  4. Curare is an alkaloid, and acts as a neuromuscular blocking agent to produce paralysis in muscles. It first affects the muscles of the toes, ears, and eyes, then those of the neck, arms and legs, and finally, those involved in breathing. In fatal doses, death is caused by respiratory paralysis.
  5. Curare. History. Tubocurarine. Resources. Curare (pronounced cue-rah ’-ree) is a general term for certain chemical substances found in different plants throughout the world ’ s rainforests. These plants produce a harmless sap which for centuries the natives of .
  6. Curare definition, a blackish, resinlike substance derived from tropical plants of the genus Strychnos, especially S. toxifera, and from the root of pareira, used by certain South American Indians for poisoning arrows and employed in physiological experiments, medicine, etc., for arresting the action of motor nerves. See more.
  7. Curare är ett samlingsnamn för gifter som sydamerikanska indianer använde på pilar för blåsröprimroruspinilet.tikedevwindcambigingslecreauponeli.infoinfo är en blandning av alkaloider som kan tillverkas av extrakt från växter eller på konstgjord väg. Curare går direkt in i blodet då djuret träffas av pilen. Indianerna kunde dock äta det döda djuret eftersom ammoniumföreningen inte kan tas upp via mag-tarmkanalen.
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